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Great excitement: The official opening of Glan Usk Primary School's art exhibition

Art GalleryPosted by Communications Officer Sun, July 12, 2015 07:57:46

There was great excitement at the official opening of Glan Usk Primary School's art exhibition which took place between 6-7pm on Tuesday 14th July. The exhibition comprises works from the gallery and museum recreated by children ranging in age from 5-11. Many thanks to the children, but also to Rajvi Glasbrook Griffiths, one of their teachers and a committee member of FONMAG whose inspirational idea has become reality. An excellent example of art, culture and history coming alive within the community.

We arrived at 6pm to a sea of children, excitement bouncing of the walls as the children and their families made their way up to the Art Gallery. Once there they crowded into the exhibition space and there were cries of delight as they recognised their pictures. The comments on the walls were revealing and poignant. On the end wall was a screen which displayed the works of art as a slide show and children stood waiting for their picture to appear. Interesting in a era when a picture on a screen is more normal for our children than a picture on a wall.

Speeches were made by their teacher, Rajvi Glasbrook Griffiths and the Deputy Head Boy, Kian Stringfellow - who spoke about the exhibition with great poise. He also created an exhibit and drew the Chagall bird. Another speaker was Cllr Debbie Wilcox. It was a wonderful occasion which will stay in my memory for a long time. Well done to Glan Usk Primary School, Newport Museum and Art Gallery and FoNMAG where the germ of the idea originated. We must remember that Newport Museum and Art Gallery staff were as ever in attendance. Thanks also to the front of house staff who helped to get things ready on the day and a special thanks to Sue, the cleaner, who worked on until 6pm to clean away the builders' dust from the stairs and foyers and made sure everything was as it should be.


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