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Tuesday 8 September: 'The History of Newport Castle'

LecturesPosted by Communications Officer Sun, August 30, 2015 10:14:48

The Resumption of Monthly Talks for 2015

Tuesday 8 September: 'The History of Newport Castle'

a talk by

Will Davies, Cadw's Regional Inspector of Ancient Monuments


7.30pm in Newport Art Gallery at John Frost Square, Newport NP20 1PA

Non members welcome, but a nominal charge

Copyright: Newport Museum and Art Gallery: British School

Newport Castle Today

Newport Castle was built in the early fourteenth century, but as Cadw reports is closed for the foreseeable future for health and safety reasons. Sadly we can only see the east side of the Castle as the rest has been covered by roads and buildings and lost to the demands of the town. Nevertheless what remains is of interest. Come and join Will Davies and find out more about our castle.

The History of Newport Castle

For the history of the Castle follow the link below to 'Newport Past' where Bob Trett, the former curator of Newport Museum and a member of Fonmag has written an excellent article. He also refers to an article by Jeremy Knight in The Monmouthshire Antiquary, vol.VII 1991, entitled ‘Newport Castle’.

At the time Bob Trett was writing in 2010 he was awaiting a forthcoming report for Cadw by Will Davies, Christopher Phillpotts and Bob Trett. Come and listen to Will Davies provide us with the latest analysis.

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